Boss Martians

Besetzung & Setlist von Boss Martians beim Crossroads 2008


Evan D. Foster - lead vocals, lead guitar
Scott Myrene - bass, backing vocals
Nick Co Tento - organ, keyboards, backing vocals
Tommy Caviezel - drums, backing vocals


01. I Wanna Be Your Addiction
02. Don't Wanna See You Again
03. No One To No One
04. If You Only Knew
05. Mars Is For The Martians
06. More Pills, Moore Booze, More Rock & Roll
07. Making The Rounds
08. Power Of Doubt
09. Hey Hey Yeah Yeah
10. I Am Your Radio
11. Looking For You
12. He'll Be Around
13. Stress Case
14. Stiletto (Need Some Action)
15. You've Taken Everything
16. Rock 'n' Roll
17. This Is Rock 'n' Roll
18. Put Some Hurt On You