Bassist, Sänger und Gitarrist der Band "The Chuck Norris Experiment" mit schwarz geschminkten Augen und rotem Halstuch performen nebeneinander im Scheinwerferlicht.

Besetzung & Setlist von The Chuck Norris Experiment beim Crossroads Festival 2013


Dr. Chuck Ransom - vocals
Chuck The Ripper - lead guitar
Chuck Rooster - guitar
Chuck Dakota - bass
Chuck Buzz - drums


01. Bullshit City
02. You Got It Coming
03. White Devil
04. Senorita (Lookout)
05. All We Had In Common Was Our Name
06. Back In Your Cage
07. Taking Out Berlin
08. Path Of Destruction
09. Where Eagles Dare
10. Move Like A Machine
11. Dead Central
12. Less Than A Man
13. Cold Blood
14. Rock'n'Roll Police
15. Rats!
16. Saturday Night
17. On The Case
18. Hungry Heart
19. Eaten Alive
20. The Roof Is About To Cave In
21. I Got Erection
22. Radioshadow