Ludwig van Beethoven: Mondschein-Sonate, 1. Satz: Adagio sostenuto 16:21 Min. Verfügbar bis 30.12.2099

Moonlight Sonata

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor op. 27 No. 2 ("Moonlight Sonata"), 1. Movement: Adagio sostenuto

Andrea Lucchesini, piano
Recording date: 02.12.2014

Ludwig van Beethoven’s famous Moonlight-Sonata. On Youtube it rakes in more than 133 million views. And with piano music from 1801 no less!

Beethoven later dedicates this piece to a woman. This time not Elise, but Julie. She was one of his piano students and Ludwig obviously had a big crush on her.

A sonata usually consists of three parts. A fast one, a slow one, and a really fast one to finish it off. Beethoven himself did this numerous times. But not this time. Maybe that is why he considers this piece a Fantasy.

This time he starts with a slow part. And that part is one of a kind. Does it evoke a dark night or shimmering moonlight? Listen with closed eyes and find out for yourself.

By the way, the sonata is a perfect piano exercise for a weak pinkie finger on the right hand, as it carries the whole melody. Want even more athleticism? Just listen through the snappy ending of the sonata: No more romantic moonlight to be found.