Meet the miner - Dig the coal

Bergmann arbeitet im Bergwerk Prosper Haniel

Meet the miner - Dig the coal

The WDR, Germany’s largest public broadcaster, presents “Meet the miner – Dig the coal” – an interactive VR experience.

Ever worked hundreds of meters beneath the earth, bent down in dark, narrow shafts, hitting coal out of the walls? Probably not. Now you can: The WDR, Germany’s largest public broadcaster, presents the interactive VR experience “Meet the miner - Dig the coal”.

It is the highlight of a 360° project focussing on a dying tradition - the last German coal mines was shut down at the end of the year 2018. With an Oculus Rift, users can experience how dangerous and grueling life of a miner was 100 years ago - feeling what it was like racing down hundreds of meters into the earth in a shaky elevator and mining coal with a virtual pickaxe.

Something you will never be able to do in real life again.  The Experience will be available on Steam VR soon.

"Glueckauf", by the way, is the typical mutual salutation among the miners of the German "Ruhrpott" area.It translates to ‘Good luck’.

The project "Meet the miner - the Digital Heritage of coal mining" is a multidimensional project with a VR/360 tour to one of the big mining sites at its core. Most of the tour can be taken by everyone via the project website, even without a VR headset.

Stand: 03.05.2019, 17:29