Der Soundtrack von... Vivien Goldman - der Podcast (English)

COSMO Der Soundtrack von … 12.09.2022 50:49 Min. Verfügbar bis 13.09.2023 COSMO

Vivien Goldman is the punk professor. She brought punks and rastas together in seventies London, visited Fela Kuti in Nigeria and wrote the first book about Bob Marley. In her books, films and songs, she combines pop and politics, rebellion and reflection. Vivien Goldman moves along the intersections of music, identity and politics. Her family fled Nazi Germany to London, preserving their memories of their roots with Jewish music. Vivien Goldman became a music journalist in the seventies, at a time when the role of women in music magazines was rather limited to typing and making coffee. The punk movement was a liberation for her and many other young women. At the same time, a connection to the reggae scene emerged. At the "Punky Reggae Party", British working class kids danced together with immigrants from Jamaica - and Vivien Goldman was in the middle of it. In her soundtrack, Vivien tells us about the zouk grooves of Kassav, the revolutionary aspect of Beyoncé and the similarities between Fela Kuti and Bob Marley. // Shownotes at


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