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Radiobattle – Save the date!

The European radio championship is back. Broadcasting stations across Europe will run against one another in an exclusive radio show, in order to become European Radio Champion. We are lining up too and while we are on air on Sunday, January 17th, we need your tweets: post #radiobattleDE.

It‘s the second time the European RadioBattle is taking place: 16 private and public broadcasting stations will air a hand-picked selection of their finest sounds; two at a time will compete in a one hour live show. Whoever comes up with best sounds, gets the trophy. You decide which candidate enters the next round – just tweet #radiobattleDE.

It’s Funkhaus Europa’s turn on January 17th – we will be running against the Serbian radio station RTV O Radio. From 8 pm to 9 pm our host and music expert Claudia D’Avino will fight the battle. We will take turns with our opponent from Serbia, playing our finest tunes. Be part of the decision, who presents the best music in Europe.

If you like Funkhaus Europa’s Global Sounds, please tweet our hashtag #radiobattleDE on January 17th,between 8 and 9 pm.

The candidate, who receives the most hashtags, wins the first round. Only one candidate has the opportunity to enter the next stage.

The RadioBattle will be in English, because radio stations from all over Europe are taking part. Each show will be broadcasted in the opponents’ countries and in Italy, where the organizing radio station Rai Radio 2 is hosting the event presented by Filippo Solibello from the cult show Caterpillar.

Are you on Twitter? Spread the word and tweet #radiobattleDE on Sunday, January 17th, from 8 pm sharp.

Are you on Facebook? Spread the word! Stay tuned on

The Italian public broadcasting station Rai Radio 2 invented and launched the European Radio Championship. It will air all battles in their program and online via livestream. The Championship takes off on Thursday, January 14th, 7:45 pm. In a special Broadcast from the Eurosonic-Festival in Groningen. Radio2 from Italy ist competing against RTE2XM from Ireland.

All participating countries and their hashtags:

  • Italien: #radiobattleIT
  • Lettland: #radiobattleLV
  • Serbien: #radiobattleRS
  • Estland: #radiobattleEE
  • Armenien: #radiobattleAM
  • Kroatien: #radiobattleHR
  • Österreich: #radiobattleAU
  • Deutschland: #radiobattleDE
  • Litauen: #radiobattleLT
  • Schweiz: #radiobattleCH

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