Learning German via the internet

Deutschkurse für Flüchtlinge

Online German Courses

Learning German via the internet

Learn German with short film episodes for children or via news spoken slowly – WDR and Deutsche Welle offer different online German courses through the internet. Here you will find numerous educational audio clips and manuscripts or the curious German word of the week.

Short language videos for children

The program „German with Sock“ („Deutsch mit Socke“) offers children with little or no German knowledge, a playful approach to the language. Each short video clip revolves around a specific topic, communicated in simple sentences and word fields.

Learning game with shaggy-looking agents

In the ten part broadcast series "Mumbro & Zinell" two shaggy-looking agents experience adventures in the human world. Each series functions as a point of departure for working through very specific word fields and offers concrete occasions for conversation. The learning game "Learn German with Mumbro & Zinell" can also be played on the online version.

Learning German with the news

The Deutsche Welle offers the opportunity to learn the German language via audio files of news programming spoken slowly for easier comprehension. 

Radio D – Beginner Course

„Radio D“ is about two reporters and their exciting cases and encounters. This course for beginners is specifically targeted to train listening comprehension skills. In addition to the audio files, there are also manuscripts and exercises.

"Mission Berlin"

"Mission Berlin" offers an original and fascinating approach to language learning in 26 episodes, where one accompanies the vitural hero, Anna, in her fight against enemies of a reunified Germany.

German – why not?

The language course „German – why not?“ tells the story of the journalist student, Andreas, who also works as a hotel porter. Each series is made up of 26 lessons with different dialogues, exercises and audio clips available for downloading. The language course is aimed at beginners as well as advanced persons and was developed in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

The word of the week

In order to „stroke someone’s ego“ (in German, the verb „bauchpinseln“literally means „to paint someone’s stomach“), you don’t need any paints or brushes. The expression „Extrawürste“(literally „extra sausages“) is not something you can eat and „Rabenmütter“ (literally „raven mothers“) are not really birds. The program „word of week“ („Wort der Woche“) will help explain why this is so. Here, a new and curious German word will be introduced and explained each week.

Improve your vocabulary with the audio trainer

This English-German audio trainer helps one to learn basic, useful vocabulary for every day situations as well as to improve pronunciation. Over 100 lessons cover different „word fields“. The audio trainer was made possible in cooperation with the Deutsche Welle and the Goethe-Verlag (Goethe publishing house).

Audio clips for everyday German

Here you will find audio clips dealing with a variety of topics / situations from everyday German life. In addition to the audio clips, manuscripts with reading comprehension questions may also be printed out.

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